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Big Brother 20: Did the Best Player Win?

Or did a bitter jury derail things once again?

Sadie Gennis

Big Brother 20 closed out the season on Wednesday with a nail-biter of a finale that saw ride-or-die allies Kaycee and Tyler facing off for the $500,000 prize. After last year's shocking upset, it was just exciting to have a Final 2 where both houseguests not only deserved to win, but had an equal chance at doing so. And after a close competition, Kaycee secured the necessary jury votes and was crowned the winner.

Kaycee's victory came after a thrilling 90-minute finale that kicked off with JC, Tyler and Kaycee competing in a grueling endurance comp for the first part of the HOH competition. Although Tyler was supposed to throw the comp to Kaycee, he decided this wasn't worth the risk and won Part 1. And fortunately for the duo, it didn't wind up mattering that Tyler didn't throw Part 1 to Kaycee since Part 2 was a memory/physical comp that Kaycee was able to defeat JC in (barely). The allies then faced off in a memory comp for Part 3, but the stakes weren't as high as we're used to for this round For one, Kaycee and Tyler were tied literally the entire competition (they even got the same answers wrong!). Plus, we knew that whoever won was just going to pick the other to bring with them to the next stage anyways!

After a tiebreaker question, Kaycee won Part 3 and, as expected, chose Tyler to join her in the Final 2, bringing their dreams since Day 2 to fruition.

Then it was up to each of them to make their case to the jury, which consisted of Angela, Sam, Brett, Haleigh, Scottie, Fessy, Rockstar, Bayleigh and JC. After last year's incredibly bitter jury, it was nice to see that not every member of F.O.U.T.T.E./The Hive held a grudge against Tyler for evicting them. Sure, Sam, Scottie, Brett and Bayleigh all admitted to entering the jury house with a sour taste in their mouth as a result, but there seemed to be a genuine desire from all the jury members to award the money to the person who played the best game, whether that person played them or not.

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When it was finally time for the jury to interview the Final 2, neither Tyler nor Kaycee gave excellent answers, sadly. Both admitted to being Big Brother superfans and both were asked to speak to the strategic moves that got them to the end outside of winning comps. All of Kaycee's answers on the latter topic basically came down to her making friends with everyone, while Tyler tried to spin his blowout with Bayleigh as something he purposefully orchestrated to create an enemy for himself in the jury so that people wouldn't be hesitant to take him to Final 2.

Before the jury cast their votes, Kaycee and Tyler each had the opportunity to give their final plea. Kaycee's turned into one big thank you to all her friends in the house (yawn), but Tyler actually took the opportunity to further explain his strategy, emphasize keeping his Power App secret for nearly the whole summer and even copped to being in a showmance with Angela.

In the end, Kaycee managed to sway the jury and won the $500,000 prize with a vote of 5-4. And hey, at least Fessy was on the right side of the vote for once!

As for America's Favorite Player, Tyler earned the title (and the $25,000), which isn't a bad consolation prize.

Oh yeah, Bayleigh and Swaggy also got engaged despite having only spent 23 days together.

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