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Big Brother 20: Bayleigh Explains Why Her Mouth Was Bleeding

"It was pure passion"

Sadie Gennis

Queen Bay's reign came to an end on Thursday, when she became the first member of the Big Brother 20jury.

Bayleigh was completely blindsided (again) when Angela backdoored her during the Veto ceremony. Angela claimed she was going after Bayleigh because Bayleigh is the hacker (which Angela wasn't and also Bayleigh isn't. Angela had been planning on backdooring Bayleigh before the hacker competition even took place). The real hacker, Haleigh, then made one of the most idiotic game moves in Big Brother history and outed herself as the hacker in a house meeting in the hopes of clearing Bay's name and keeping in her the house.

Long story not so short, the meeting did not go as planned.

Bayleigh lost her goddamn mind, screaming at Tyler until her mouth literally bled. Why would Bayleigh be screaming at Tyler when Angela was the one who put her up? Because Bayleigh claimed Tyler was throwing Angela's name out as the replacement nominee under Bayleigh's HOH and that Bayleigh never said Angela would probably go up if Tyler uses the veto (this is a lie).

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Adding to the stress of her week, Bayleigh was also concerned that she might be pregnant with Swaggy C's baby!

TV Guide spoke to Bayleigh about that disastrous house meeting, what she hopes for her future with Swaggy and her biggest mistake of the season.

Bayleigh Dayton, Big Brother 20​

The vote was nearly unanimous. Why do you think even your allies voted to evict you?
Bayleigh: I don't take it personally. I think it was very weak of them to do, but when it comes to peer pressure, a lot of people do things that they wouldn't normally do.

Was it at least somewhat of a relief not to be blindsided on eviction night for once?
Yes. I had a peace over me like none other. I already knew the outcome before it happened. It was just a nice feeling to be able to let go.

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Haleigh outed herself as the hacker to help you. Since you got evicted anyways, how big of a mistake do you think it was for Haleigh to expose herself like that?
Not one at all. No one is threatened in the game by Haleigh. She hasn't won any comps -- the hacker was her first -- so I think they made the best choice to keep her around than to deal with an angry Bay.

The house meeting was really intense. Why was your mouth bleeding during it? Did you really scream so hard you lost a tooth?
Because when I get mad I talk really fast and apparently my teeth are really sharp and they like to cut the inside of my mouth. It was pure passion, pure passion. You can't plan that stuff.

You apologized to Tyler in your speech, but does that mean you've forgiven him or do you still bear a grudge?
I forgive Tyler for being a scared little punk. I don't really hold grudges too long. I'm not saying what I said wasn't warranted; I'm just saying that the way I said it wasn't nice.

If people hadn't known about your power app, do you think you'd be here right now?
100 percent. My power app is the only thing that people had to hold against me. Even if people didn't like me, they still would have had to keep me because there was no reason to get rid of me.

You and Swaggy really did fall in love during your short time together in the house. What do you hope is next for the two of you after the game -- marriage? Kids? The Amazing Race?Bayleigh: Definitely The Amazing Race. Swaggy and I want to take over the world together!

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