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Who Will Win Big Brother 20?

We break down the Final 3's chances and how the jury votes will fall

Sadie Gennis

Summer truly comes to an end this week. On Wednesday, Big Brother 20 crowns its winner, closing out one of the best seasons in recent years.

Wednesday's two-hour finale will kick off with JC, Tyler and Kaycee competing in the three-part final HOH competition, with the winner earning the right to choose who will advance with them to the Final 2. JC believes if he or Tyler wins Part 3, the winner will bring the other with him to the next stage. But little does JC know that Tyler's real Final 2 deal is with Kaycee. Meaning, if either Tyler or Kaycee wins Part 3 of the HOH comp, it's going to be a Level 6 showdown for the $500,000. That is, unless Tyler or Kaycee betrays the other.

Once the top two are confirmed, the lucky two houseguests will each get the chance to make their cases before the jury, made up of Angela, Sam, Brett, Haleigh, Scottie, Fessy, Rockstar, Bayleigh and the as-yet-to-be-determined next evictee.

So who has the best chance of winning Big Brother 20? We break down each of the Final 3's cases and predict how the jury votes will land. And if you disagree with our findings, let us know by voting in our poll below!

screengrabs, CBS


We can't believe JC made it to the Final 3, but Julie always does warn us to expect the unexpected, right? If JC hadn't won the second-to-last HOH of the summer, the remaining half of Level 6 would have sailed easily into the final HOH competition together. But JC couldn't have picked a better time to win his first comp, thus securing Angela's fate and making her only the second Level 6 member in jury.

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If JC makes it to Final 2, evicting Angela will likely be a big selling point for him, since the majority of the jury hates Angela and he can take credit for sending her home. And we bet JC will take credit for a lot more than that. The dancer has a habit of taking credit for just about everything -- something which may serve him well if the jury believes all of JC's delusions of being this season's real mastermind.

Both Angela and Brett will likely stand by Level 6 in the finale, so that's automatically two votes JC can't hope to sway no matter who he's up against. The rest of the jury, however, is fairly up for grabs. If JC is up against Tyler, a bitter jury may land him the votes he needs to win. If he's up against Kaycee, on the other hand, we're betting most will swing in her direction since Kaycee is largely beloved and has several competitions wins to her name. But even if he winds up facing off against Kaycee, most of the jury proved repeatedly this season that they can't be relied on to make the smartest decisions, so we can definitely see many members being swayed by JC's case.

Likely jury votes: --
Likely holdouts: Haleigh, Angela, Brett, Scottie, Tyler, Kaycee
Swing votes: Sam, Rockstar, Bayleigh, Fessy

Monty Brinton, CBS


If Kaycee manages to win the final HOH, she'll be faced with a terrible choice: betray her ride-or-die Tyler at the finish line, likely locking in her victory beyond a doubt, or bring Tyler to the finale and hope that the other side of the house is still bitter enough toward him that he won't have their votes.

Big Brother 20 Angela Admits She's "Hurt" by Tyler and Kaycee's Final 2 Deal

It's a tough decision, but one that likely won't sway the end results too much either way. No matter who Kaycee is up against in the finale, she's easily the favorite to win. Not only is the Veto Queen tied for most POV wins in a single season of Big Brother ever, but she can argue that she played a loyal game, staying true to Level 6 and her Final 2 with Tyler from Day 1, while also taking credit for being the vote to evict Angela.

Kaycee's success on Big Brother this season is a reminder that you don't necessarily have to make a bunch of fake alliances or make a lot of enemies to get to the finale. Then again, we doubt Kaycee would be where she is today if it weren't for Tyler's somewhat shady dealings, which could swing some votes back in his direction.

Likely jury votes: Tyler
Likely holdouts: --
Swing votes: Brett, Sam, Scottie, Angela, Haleigh, Rockstar, Bayleigh, Faysal, JC

Johnny Vy, CBS


Tyler has been running the house since Day 1, literally, when he won the first HOH of the season. But Tyler has definitely burned some bridges along the way. Although he's been loyal to Level 6, and loyal to his true Final 2 with Kaycee, Tyler also made Final 2s and alliances with several other people in the house - all of whom he had to betray in order to make it here.

Big Brother 20's Sam Blames Angela's Abs for Tyler's Betrayal

What Tyler's fate will come down to is whether or not the jury decides to vote based purely on gameplay or whether they'll let their bitter feelings influence their decision. Everyone in jury (besides Angela) knows that Tyler was behind their evictions, and even Angela admitted she was "hurt" by Tyler's secret Final 2 with Kaycee. While we don't imagine that means she'd vote for JC, we can see Angela and the rest of the jury putting their support behind Kaycee if it comes down to a Level 6 Final 2.

No matter who Tyler might stand next to in the finale, he's going to need to explain his strategy since he didn't use his goodbye messages to reveal too much about his gameplay until the very end of the season. If he spins his multiple Final 2s, secret Power App and prioritizing Kaycee over his showmance Angela the right way, Tyler might be able to secure the votes needed to win this.

Likely jury votes: Kaycee
Likely holdouts:
Sam, Faysal, Rockstar
Swing votes: Brett, Scottie. Bayleigh, Angela, Haleigh, JC

Big Brother 20's two-hour finale airs Wednesday at 9:30/8:30c on CBS.

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