Level 6 done goofed.

After deciding to evict Sam instead of JC during Wednesday's special Big Brother eviction episode, JC shocked everyone by winning his first comp of the season — which also happened to be one of the most important ones. JC became the second-to-last HOH, securing his spot in the final three and blocking the remaining half of Level 6 from sailing through to the finals together. JC nominated Tyler and Angela for eviction, and with Kaycee winning the POV, it was up to her to decide which half of Tangela to send home and which half she hopes to be standing next to in next Wednesday's finale.

In the end, Kaycee stayed true to her word and voted to keep her ride-or-die from Week 1, Tyler. Of course, if Level 6 had simply sent JC home before Sam, this entire debacle could have been avoided. Now, Tyler and Kaycee will have to compete against JC for the final HOH while Angela waits around in jury with Brett and everyone she helped send home.

Big Brother 20's Sam Blames Angela's Abs for Tyler's Betrayal

TV Guide spoke to Angela about Tyler and Kaycee's secret Final 2, who she would have evicted if she had won the Veto and whether she was ever worried about what the jury would think of her. See what she revealed below!

Tyler and Kaycee had a secret Final 2 all season, but do you think there was anything you could have done at any point in the season that could have swayed either Tyler or Kaycee to be loyal to you above all else?
I understand Kaycee's logic behind her decision. She had a Final 2 that she formed with Tyler before Level 6 was even born. I understand her logic and she stayed loyal to the first deal she made.

If you had won the Veto, would you really have evicted Tyler over Kaycee like you had said you'd do?
I would have kept Tyler because, out of Kaycee and Tyler, we had a similar relationship in the game but outside of the game, my relationship with Tyler was stronger on an emotional level.

Zingbot called you heartless and several houseguests would probably agree. Were you ever worried about the way you'd come off, particularly when it came to the other members of the jury?
I was brutally honest about my opinions on other people. I did not sugarcoat things. I was honest and I spoke my mind. I knew some relationships, like the one with Rockstar, were beyond repair, so I was honest.

You and Tyler fell in love this summer. What's the first thing you're looking forward to doing together once you're outside the house and where do you imagine your relationship going from here?
Honestly, I don't know what is next. It is hard to get to know someone fully when you are living through [a] filter. Everything you say and do is recorded and shown to millions. First, I'm looking forward to having a conversation and clearing the air on a few things. I was hurt when I found out he had a Final 2 deal with Kaycee. I accepted it on a game level, but I think he could have handled it differently to protect my emotions a bit. We'll see how our conversation goes and we will go from there. Stay tuned...

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