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Big Brother 19's Matt Explains Why He's Convinced Raven Is One of the Best Players

Hmm... do you buy it?

Sadie Gennis

On Thursday night, Matt became the latest houseguest to be evicted from the Big Brother 19 house.

Having agreed to go up on the block as a pawn under the assumption that Kevin was the real target, Matt and the other half of his showmance Raven, who was also nominated, were blindsided when HOH Jason decided not to use the Veto on either of them. In the wake of Jason's decision, Matt and Raven didn't hesitate to call out Jason on lying to Raven about promising to pull one of them off (something Jason denied, but which was verified by the footage), as well as for not having the integrity to face them after the fact.

It all got very messy, very quickly, but according to Matt, he bears no hard feelings towards Jason. TV Guide spoke to Matt about the blindside, sacrificing his game for Raven's and more.

Matt Clines and Julie Chen, Big Brother 19
Sonja Flemming/CBS

What is the first cereal you're going to eat when you get back home?
Matt: I intentionally don't keep cereal in my house. When I have it around, I don't have control since I can eat boxes at a time. But probably Cinnamon Toast Crunch or Lucky Charms.

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How do you feel about Jason after his decision to betray you and Raven?
Matt: I wasn't really mad... I was upset at his decision. But as far as game moves, he played it very well. I was upset about the way he handled it. He made the decision and then hid in the storage room instead of standing up for his decision. But we're still friends, it's a game and we'll still be friends afterwards.

You were always willing to go up as a pawn whenever someone asked. Do you wish you had played a more aggressive game rather than go along with whatever was asked of you?
Matt: No, I played an extremely loyal game and I was trusting with people. I didn't do very well in competitions so I wanted to contribute something to the team and going on the block was how I did that. Any scenario [where] there was going to be a pawn, I wanted to make sure I went up instead of Raven. I wanted to also get going up as a pawn out of the way as early as possible so [that] the longer I stayed in the game, I wouldn't keep going up. I knew there was a good chance [when I went up] this last time as a pawn, I wouldn't be used as a pawn.

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You said you campaigned for Raven to stay because you think she's one of the best players in the house. What about Raven makes her as strong of a competitor as someone like Paul?
Matt: So unfortunately, most would never see [this], but Raven and Paul were pulling a lot of the strings in the house. I hope people were able to see that. She probably reads people as well as anyone else in the game. She picks things up so quickly. In the entire time I was there, she was probably only wrong about one or two things. [When it comes to] actual game play, her and Paul are the best players in the game. She's very, very good.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Matt: I loved them before the show and I love them more after the show. Josh is absolutely one of my favorite people in the house. I will be friends with him outside of this house. The way he turned it around in the house is nothing short of a miracle. I love meatballs, that guy is great!

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