Jody was split up for the second time on Thursday's Big Brother 19, but it was Jessica who went out the door this time.

Her fate was ostensibly sealed when she failed to win the Veto, but unbeknownst to her — and despite Josh's admittedly poor olive branch-extending — Elena was actually the HOH meatball's target. But instead of taking up Josh' offer to talk or campaigning or attempting to strike deals, Jessica defiantly continued to isolate herself with Cody and antagonized Josh to the point of turning a spelling bee into an all-out W-A-R. (Or in Josh's eyes, a C-O-N-C-E-R-T.)

Her zero f---s approach extended to her eviction speech, in which she spitefully told the house they took half the season to "get one of two targets out" (to be fair, they did evict Cody last month; he just won the Battle Back); called them out for not targeting Paul (but, like, you didn't either when you were HOH and won Veto?); and said her showmance with Cody was worth sacrificing her game for.

But does she have zero regrets of how she went about her final week? How does she think Cody will fare without her? TV Guide caught up with Jessica below.

Jessica and Cody, Big Brother 19Jessica and Cody, Big Brother 19

Now that you know Josh was targeting Elena, do you regret fighting with him and not agreeing to talk with him in private? Why or why not?
No, I don't regret it because even though Josh claimed he wanted Elena, as we saw this season, what the HOH wants, is not always get what HOH gets. Why did Christmas use her temptation then? That doesn't make sense. I don't regret confronting Josh. He's a bully and he needs to be put in his place every once in a while.

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Why didn't you and Cody try to cultivate relationships or make deals/alliances when he returned? Did you consider that you would need numbers and jury votes to stay in the game together and for one of you to win?
We 100 percent did try that. We tried with our original alliance since we would have the numbers. Everyone did agree to that deal, but it was a complete lie. While Cody was out, I tried to rebuild relationships with everybody that week. I was doing some serious damage control. When Cody came back, people where just scared. Christmas and Paul told us people couldn't forget what Cody did the first time. It didn't matter what we tired, it was the same result.

Cody previously told us he'd consider working with Paul if he returned to the game, which obviously hasn't happened yet, and he bristled at Kevin's deal. Do you think he will — or should — work with Paul now? What do you think his best course of action is?
The problem with Paul is that he doesn't want to work WITH anyone. He wants people to work FOR him. Instead of having a teammate, he wants to be a puppeteer. I don't think Cody and Paul would ever work together. However, if they did, they would be a force to be reckoned with, but I don't see that ever happening.

You said Cody made the whole thing worth it, but you did play better without him. Had he not returned, what was your game plan?
If Cody didn't return, I would have played my social game as far as I could and if I gained HOH, I would have taken a swing at Paul even if it cost me the game. I wanted to make a big move. That would have put a big target on my back regardless.

How do you feel about meatballs?
Oh, my gosh... the desperation for a catchphrase was so pathetic. I don't want to see it, eat it, and I'll never say that word again after this sentence.

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