Barack Obama and Joe Biden Barack Obama and Joe Biden

Vice President Joe Biden welcomed Tuesday's historic health care passage with a historic gaffe, telling his boss on live television, "This is a big f---ing deal!"

Well, yes, it is. But Biden's remark was the kind you usually don't get to hear the veep say on TV. The comment was picked up by the microphones on the podium and made the rounds after Fox News tweeted Biden's quote: "Biden to Obama: 'This is a big f---ing deal!' (and yes, he used the full monty)."

TV anchor's f-bomb creates new catchphrase

Calls to the White House were not immediately returned. But if press secretary Robert Gibbs' tweet is any indication, no one there is too upset with Biden."And yes Mr. Vice President, you're right," Gibbs tweeted.Biden is well-known for his verbal blunders: He once told paraplegic Sen. Chuck Graham to "stand up," and last year said he had told his family to avoid "confined spaces," such as planes and subways, during the swine flu panic.

Watch Biden say the very naughty word: