E*Trade Super Bowl ad E*Trade Super Bowl ad

This year's Super Bowl had it all — a moving national anthem, Springsteen sliding on his knees and even an unbelievable final touchdown. But come Monday morning, nothing gets more buzz than the commercials.

Check out our list of the seven ads that stood above the rest and weigh in on your favorites below.

"Talking Baby": E*Trade
If you were worried the economic you-know-what storm left the E*Trade baby with little more than the onesie on his back, rest assured: The animatronic little bugger is back, and this time he has a friend. We have to say, though, he does seem pretty cranky about the economy. He wouldn't even let his friend flex his golden pipes. All the kid wanted to do was take his broken wings and learn to fly again. Cut the poor thing some slack.   
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"Clydesdale Circus": Budweiser
Last year, we cheered on the Budweiser Clydesdale as he trained, Rocky-style, to make the cart-pulling cut alongside his pals. This year, the stallion is in love with a little lady horse named Daisy. Despite the fact that her evil circus ringmaster tries to stand in the lovebirds' way, nothing can keep the two from reuniting — even if a fat lady has to fall on her rear in the process. *Tear*
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"Crystal Ball": Doritos
Don't be fooled by its glittery flurry — this sphere may look exactly like a snow globe, but it's really a crystal ball that reveals the future. How else would it know about the free Doritos in the office that day? Or that the guy who nailed his boss in the crotch wouldn't be getting a promotion?  That's some serious forecasting right there.
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"Crazy Pets": Pedigree
Advertising 101 clearly teaches you that cute, furry animals are the key to moving products off the shelf, but Pedigree went a different route this year. In this ad for a dog adoption drive, man's best friend is replaced by a destructive rhinoceros, a mailman-chasing emu, a space-hogging warthog and a lifeless cow. Bruno was kind of awesome, Max was totally into catching that Frisbee, and we firmly believe the warthog on the road trip could pass as a companion pet.
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"Tips": CareerBuilder.com
Don't know how to figure out if it's time to look for a new job? Careerbuilder.com compiled a list of signs: a nervous breakdown in the parking lot, daydreams about punching a British, vision-impaired koala bear, and working next to a dude who insists on wearing a Speedo and picking his toenails. Note: Nothing is wrong with your computer — the "12 Days of Christmas"-like repetition is, in fact, intentional.
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"Sweden": Bud Light
Conan O'Brien should have gone with his gut when he told his agent that commercials weren't his thing. Alas, after hearing a ton of money is involved — and that the ad will only be seen in Sweden — the late-night host agrees to say five words he'll regret for the rest of his life: "Guess one commercial couldn't hurt." Vroom-vroom, pahty-statah!

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