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Best New Shows and Movies on Netflix This Week: The Chef Show, Spectros

Honestly, there's not a lot this week

Tim Surette

Looking for something new to watch on Netflix? Here is a list of all the best new shows and movies released on Netflix the week of Feb. 14-20.

Do you have a subscription to HBO? Amazon Prime? Disney+? Hulu? Apple TV+? Literally any other streaming service that isn't Netflix? You're going to need it this weekend, because there's practically nothing new on Netflix this week, not even a weird anime about a school kid who befriends a tentacled monster. Perhaps Netflix planned this quiet week so it could spend time celebrating all the Oscars it thought it would win last weekend. Perhaps it thinks Valentine's Day will have people so horned up, users will Netflix and chill to pretty much anything. Perhaps Netflix thinks Volume 3 of The Chef Show is a sturdy enough of an anchor for a weekend. Whatever the reason, this weekend is barren.

All titles are out Friday, Feb. 14 unless otherwise noted.

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The Biggest Releases

Chef Show, Volume 3
Dudes cooking food, talking about food, and traveling to eat food is basically a Netflix genre, and this docuseries is one of Netflix's most popular. Director Jon Favreau and Korean taco god Roy Choi visit various spots -- many in Las Vegas -- to visit with chefs and celebrities to cook up some grub. There are no frills, no quests for holes-in-the-wall, no childhood stories, just people doing things with food. I find it a little boring but others love it. (Wednesday, Feb. 19)

Everything Else

A Shaun the Sheep Movie: Farmageddon
This was already released in the U.K., but it's new to America, so let's say it's new everywhere. It's from Aardman Animation, the same studio behind claymation classics Wallace and Gromit and Creature Comforts, so it's full of grinning, bug-eyed sheep. This time, an alien is thrown into the mix and Shaun and his sheeple must help it find its way home. Critics were all, "Yeah, it's pretty good." (Wednesday, Feb. 5)

Cable Girls, Season 5
Jim Carrey stars as cable installer who oversteps his bounds with a customer and begins to terrorize him. Sorry, four women working at a telephone company in 1920s Madrid navigate the workplace. Jim Carrey is not in this. (Trailer)

Isi & Ossi
In this German film, the young daughter of a billionaire fakes a relationship with a cash-strapped boxer to convince her parents to fund her culinary dreams. I'm sure the movie explains how that's all connected, because that makes no sense at all. (Trailer)

The Expanding Universe of Ashley Garcia, Season 1
Hey fellow tweens! You have to check this totes amahhhhzing TV show out! It's like, straight fire, and about a 15-year-old girl who is a total genius and totally moves to Los Angeles to totally build robots for JPL! But she also just wants to make friends, you know? Viewing party at my house, tell Kayden to bring Red Bull! And I'll try to keep my annoying little brother from spying on us, he's so thirsty, right? Do you think Hayden thinks I'm cute? (Trailer / Monday, Feb. 17)

Spectros, Season 1
Multicultural teens take on multicultural monsters in Brazil in this series that honestly doesn't look that great. (Trailer / Thursday, Feb. 20)

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