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The Top TV Catchphrases From the '90s: Aw, Here It Goes!

Plus the "Feeny Call" because duh!

Lindsay MacDonald

The '90s were an awesome time to be alive, partially because TV was a weird mix of corny, crazy and cool. The fact that kids today would never be able to recognize, "Oh Mylanta!" or, "How you doin'?" as iconic words to live by is a cruel twist of fate.

To help out you kiddos (or recluses) who weren't continuously plugged into your TV as the 20th century came to an end, TV Guide has compiled a list of all the best '90s TV catchphrases that you could -- and would -- hear on a regular basis back in the day, whether it was in the schoolyard or by the water cooler.

Some examples to get you started? Full House had about 10 running catchphrases throughout its eight season run, but none was quite so iconic as baby Michelle's (Ashley Olsen and Mary-Kate Olsen), "You got it dude!"

One phrase that everyone should remember and rejoice in though is the beloved "Feeny Call" of Eric Matthews (Will Friedle) from Boy Meets World. If you ever need sage advice from an elderly next door neighbor who doubles as your middle school teacher, high school principal and eventual college professor, just try shouting, "Feeny! Fe-he-he-heeny!"

Watch the video above to see if your favorites made it.