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Rule No. 1 for reality show contestants: Don't mess with the host. The Bachelor's Chris Harrison took aim at what he called the "classless, tactless" tactics of booted contestant Rozlyn Papa after she claimed during Monday's "Women Tell All" episode that Harrison once hit on a producer's wife. Other contestants don't put much stock in anything she says: Papa was kicked off the show after the other women accused her of having a physical relationship with a Bachelor staffer during filming — something the single mother swore on her son's life never happened. (As some in the studio audience gasped.) Harrison said he wouldn't dignify Papa's claims with a response, but he's more than happy to talk about the Bachelor's final pick: "Jake is very much in love with who he's chosen," Harrison said. Is there anything that did not make it air on the Women Tell All?
Chris Harrison: No, we showed you everything and that was really my doing. The producers asked, "Are you good with everything?" and I said, "Yeah, I want to show everything," because I don't want to come on and say, yes, she took a swipe at me and a swipe at my family, but we didn't want to show it out of respect. Out of respect for who? It happened, so it's part of the show. Were you surprised Rozlyn continued to deny a relationship despite the details the other women gave?
Harrison: Part of me isn't surprised at all that she's just going to go down with the ship. Someone mentioned, why did you have the girls attack her, not you? Well I didn't see her, I was never a part of this, I don't live with the girls, I'm not around the house, but the girls saw it. Those weren't accusations, they were eyewitness accounts, so I wanted the girls to air everything out because I thought it would validate everything.

Bachelor's Women Tell All: "You will hear explosive new details," host promises What about her attack on you?
Harrison: Honestly, I don't really know her that well. She was on the show for four or five days, and by the second rose ceremony, I was asking her to leave. It's not like she broke any laws ... she hooked up with a producer, which is fine, I hope they go off and have a million babies together and live happily ever after. We just can't have it on our show. I was trying to explain it to her, and she uses her child as a human shield, or she'll throw out an attack like she did on Ella to try to deflect and then change the subject. I live with an 8 and a 6-year-old so I'm not apt to fall for the schoolyard tactics. When she said what she said, it was for a reason last night. It was a classless, tactless thing, my wife was in the front row listening to it, [but] I'm a big boy, I can take it. She wants attention. She went on the Ryan Seacrest show yesterday and accused me of being gay. I hit on this woman in New Zealand, but at the same time I'm gay? She speaks for herself, the type of person she is, the type of tact and class. As far as Rozlyn and the whole situation, the good news is, I'm done with it. What did you think about Ali apologizing for the way she acted towards Vienna throughout the show?
Harrison: It's hard for people on the outside to get this fishbowl environment and the things it leads you to do. You watch yourself on TV and you're not proud of it. The difference between Rozlyn and Elizabeth, Elizabeth saw the way she acted on TV, teasing and playing the game, and was like, "I was booing myself. I knew what I wanted to do but that's not the way it came out and I'm not proud of the way I acted." Same thing with Ali. When you see yourself back on camera, it's pretty blatant. None of us are as cool as we think we are. I've dealt with this for almost 20 years, so I know I'm not cool.

Watch full episodes of The Bachelor Did you know that Jake regretted not getting to know Christina more?
Harrison: I did not see that coming. Saying what he said about Christina, who left on night 2, and there was such emotion there between both of them, I was really stunned. It's interesting because the bachelor watches this show too, and so Jake's watching it being like, that was a good girl, and what could've been? No one seemed to be angry with Jake when he came out on stage.
Harrison: I told him, you know it's pretty rare that no one's real pissed at you. Usually somebody's mad, you've scorned somebody. But he was so sincere. One thing you have to say about Jake is he was so forthright. He didn't back away from any confrontation, and he could've taken the easy way out a lot. Giving the mom a rose to make yourself look good or not taking a rose away from that rose ceremony in San Jose. Same thing with Ali. He could've said come back to St. Lucia, because we would've allowed it. He never backed away from a tough situation. I think the women respected that. I know Jake is very much in love with who he's chosen, so that's where people are like, how can he say that I kind of love you a little bit? But it's very different from the love he feels for the woman he's chosen.

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