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The Bachelorette's Emily might've looked like cutting Chris was a tough decision, but host Chris Harrison says he had a feeling all along that she'd make that choice.

"I honestly could not see her with Chris, and Emily couldn't either," Harrison tells us. "The date itself went great, but it was clear the three other guys are spectacular and hard to beat."

Keep reading for more of Harrison's take on the hometown dates and how next week's fantasy suites pose a major "issue" for Emily.

It seemed obvious she would cut Chris, right?
Chris Harrison:
I honestly could not see her with Chris, and she couldn't either. Comparing him to Sean, Jef and Arie is like apples and oranges; he's just in a different place in his life. He's ready for a girlfriend, he's not ready to be a dad. Maybe in another world they'd be great boyfriend and girlfriend — she's 26, he's 25 — but life circumstances dictate something different. The date itself went great, but it was clear these three guys are spectacular and hard to beat.

The Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: Next Week's Decision Is Not As Easy As People Think

Was Emily's decision to cut Chris as tough as it looked?
She was a mess. Emily was really emotional, not only that time is running out, but she was freaking out that she's falling for three guys. She was thinking how tough it would be to say goodbye to Chris, but really I think she was thinking how it's going to be impossible to say goodbye to Sean, Arie or Jef. It all hit her that she's far from done.

What did you think of the other dates?
Arie got off to a bumpy start with his family speaking Dutch, but she had a great trip. Jef's hometown was ridiculous. Like Emily said, "Skinny jeans Jef is country!" It was hysterical. He also wrote that letter that most men can't come up with on their wedding day. The words he said and the feelings he expressed, she was just blown away.

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And she was so sweet when she thought Sean lived at home!
She has no poker face, but I love that about her. She's a total southern sweetheart thinking, "We're absolutely going to break up and this is a deal breaker," while saying, "This is great!"

The remaining three, especially Arie, seem so sure they're the one.
All three of them have expressed their love for her, and she gives them that confidence because she's reciprocating. They all feel that and continue to. Nothing falls apart all of a sudden. It's getting better and better, but worse and worse for her because of that.

Next week are the fantasy suite dates. Does Emily struggle with whether to accept?
Of course there is an issue. In this scenario, it's interesting because Emily is a mom so there's definitely a conversation about it. Things aren't going to get easier, and Emily's not going to get an easy out. From here on out it's Emily trying to choose a lifestyle, a father for Ricki and a great man and husband for herself. These guys get better each week and in my opinion she's narrowed it down to three phenomenal guys.