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This season's "Men Tell All" episode of The Bachelorette was light-hearted and fun — because two of this season's most talked-about contestants, Justin and Frank, weren't there. As Chris Harrison tells, Justin chose not to show, while Frank was purposely excluded so that he could appear on next week's "After the Finale Rose." Harrison shares what didn't make it on this week's episode — including Derrick (aka "Shooter") explaining why he chose to tell such an embarrassing story on Night One — and also which of the final two men remaining, Roberto and Chris L., is the overwhelming favorite to win Ali's heart. Is there anything that didn't make it to air on "Men Tell All"?
Harrison: [Shooter] was such a good sport and owned it. We had this "premature" innuendo conversation. It was so over-the-top, but hysterical, and I'm guessing ABC was like, "No, that's not OK." I actually got serious about it and the guys even asked him, "What were you thinking?" Fortunately, some of the outtakes are on He played it how all guys should play the reunion show and that is whatever you did, whoever you are, come back and own it. Shooter was like, "Maybe I came out a little too early," and everything was just one big innuendo and then we were like 8-year-olds and every thing we said had a sexual innuendo.

Bachelorette host Chris Harrison calls Derrick's "premature" admission horrifying So Justin didn't show?
Harrison: Now he's claiming he was never invited. Like: Are you kidding me? We wouldn't have invited the most controversial figure this season? He's a mess. When people come back and either fake it or try and change their story or have this revisionist history or blame it on producers, that's where you end up falling down. Where was Frank?
Harrison: He was purposely excluded last night so he could be on "After the Final Rose" next week. Here's the dilemma I have with Frank. On the face of the issue, he's selfish. He did the absolute best thing for Frank. It doesn't mean it was a bad thing or the worst thing to do, but you can't say it wasn't selfish. From what I've heard he and Nicole are together. Can you be mad at the guy if he ends up falling in love with Nicole and they stay together and are married? Then obviously it was the right thing to do. I think it was the way in which it happened and the time when it happened, waiting so long.

Chris Harrison calls Frank's Bachelorette exit "an easy way out" We heard more from Chris N. on the "Men Tell All" than we did all season.
Harrison: I don't think he realized how quiet he was. He was one of those guys completely thrown off by the circumstances. Now that he's had time to take it all in, he's laughing and joking about it. He was a little scared and a little freaked-out by the whole thing. And Kasey totally joked about guarding and protecting Ali's heart.
Harrison: When he got up and sang, that was genius. I'm like, "Dude, if you had shown that kind of personality, Ali would've kept you around." Instead of the creepy factor it was funny.

The Bachelorette's Kasey has no regrets about getting a love tattoo Were you surprised at how Kirk felt?
Harrison: I was really taken by how emotional Kirk was. He was hurt and I would go so far as to say he's still broken-hearted over it. I think had I pushed harder and dug deeper there was big discrepancy there. Ali had moved on where as all of the stuff Kirk said, she put down and disagreed with. He said, "I think if I had that extra week in Tahiti it would've changed it," and Ali was like, "Nope, it wasn't there." I saw a lot of pain in him and I wasn't expecting that because most guys, even if they're hurt, come back to the "Men Tell All" like, "I'm good, I'm past it." But that's the kind of guy Kirk is — he wears his heart on his sleeve. Kind of like Chris L., where he allowed himself to fall in love again, this is the first time since Kirk's health issues that he's like, "I'm back." So I think Ali, for both Chris and Kirk, stood for something more than just falling in love. To that extent I think it's probably best that Kirk and Ali didn't end up together. Now he can know he's ready and find somebody's who's ready. Was Jonathan actually funny or just trying to hard?
Harrison: All of the above. He is a jokester and a smart, quick-witted guy who has a good sense of humor, but ... he takes it too far, pushes too hard to be funny. I think if he would relax a little bit and be more a part of the group instead of trying to be the center of attention ... he has a little growing up to do.

Bachelor's Chris Harrison: Weatherman's rose might have been out of pity Did you take a vote as to who the guys think Ali will choose?
Harrison: We didn't ask, but ... when they were showing Chris [the guys] gave him a standing O. So it was a very unofficial vote, but I'd definitely say he was the class favorite as far as who would end up with Ali. What can you say about Ali's final decision?
Harrison: I know she's happy. I will tell you this, it's not your typical proposal day ... as you're used to seeing in previous seasons. So is it really the most dramatic finale ever?
Harrison: Yeah, that kind of cheapens it, but yeah it is. I've cried wolf too many times.