Ben C and Ashley Hebert Ben C and Ashley Hebert

Bachelorette Ashley Hebert tells The Bachelorette and Hollywood 411 host Chris Harrison about her heartbreak about toxic bachelor Bentley's deception. "Watching him is really hard; it's humiliating," she tells Harrison in an interview to air Sunday on 411. "I had no idea this was going on. I was warned, but I  took it with a grain of salt."

Bachelorette's Chris Harrison: next week "Ashley falls deeper into this abyss of Bentley"

Hebert also reveals that Bentley will return to the show. What should viewers expect? "Lots of ups, lots of downs, but I think people will be happy with the way things turn out," she says. (Plus: She'll address those engagement rumors.)

Hollywood 411 airs Sunday night at 7/6c on TV Guide Network.