The Bachelor: Paris OK, yes, Sarah Canada, you did have great chemistry right off the bat with Travis

, but he is still dating a bunch of other women at the same time, so please chill out  you are scaring me. I liked you at first, but now you're giving me a really psycho, jealous, possessive vibe, and I'm worried for this best Bachelor ever. That goes for you, too, Tara Let Me Interrupt Everybody Else's Alone Time. Honey, that "oops" routine is only going to work so many times. Can we say "desperate"? Dial it back. You see how playing hard to get is working for Moana? Now there's a woman who knows how to reel a man in, and Travis is certainly hooked. Shiloh, it's like you've never watched the show before. Running to warn Travis about Moana will not help your love life. Nobody likes a tattletale. And this is why you did not receive a rose. Sarah from Tennessee, you may as well just pack up and go home now: 1) He doesn't really care that you're from Tennessee. I mean if that were part of his criteria, don't you think he'd already be dating someone from there? 2) He had to ask if you were a sexual being. That doesn't scream fireworks to me. Go on, just go home, but first take a peek at Susan to get a sense of true fireworks. She's a "smitten kitten" and Travis thinks she is "ridiculously beautiful." That's almost a marriage proposal in Bachelor terms. Rhoda Charles

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