The Bachelor: Paris As heartbreaking as Moana's rejection was and seriously, I nearly teared up watching her in the limo I have to wonder what she was thinking. The Bachelor was hers to lose. Instead Moana's wackiness left

Travis with no choice but to pick

Sarah. OK, before you send me more e-mails asking me what I have against Sarah, let me tell you: not a darn thing. I just find her a bit blah (or at least her portrayal on the show), but I appreciated the entertainment value that Moana's issues brought. Moana's random breakdowns were way more interesting than Sarah's "You're perfect for me" chant, which I swore would make me gag if I heard it one more time. In all fairness, if I were Travis and the woman I was all hot for couldn't conjure up one reason why she liked me and would consistently burst into tears when discussing her feelings for me, I might shy away from her as well. Maybe Travis' mom intimidated Moana. She did have really, uh, thick hair. Though Moana excelled at being vague and weepy when interacting with the Storks, I'm glad that she was strong enough to put the kibosh on the heart-shaped engagement ring. I'm surprised Sarah didn't choose it, either, as it would have gone well with the fully sequined dress that her mom felt wasn't "too sparkly." Remind me to wear shades at the wedding. Sequins aside, the two cutest ladies on the show this night were Travis' nieces, Delaney and Whitney, who were very serious about helping Uncle Trav choose his woman. Interestingly enough, they preferred Moana. That should make for a nice reunion, but what does Sarah care? She's got the ring on a string. She'll be laughing all the way back to Nashville.