The Bachelor: Paris So, it's back to Winnipeg for

Sarah. I'm going to miss that guttural thing she does when she speaks. Not! I have two last questions for her: Did she get a boob job between the last group date and her hometown visit? And what happened to her hair after

Travis dumped her? One minute she's sleekly coifed, the next she's somewhat bedraggled. Was there an off-camera last-ditch tryst? I live for the drama. My inquiring mind wants to know!

Not that I'm being swayed by the obvious she's-only-doing-this-to-get-to-Hollywood slant the show is giving Susan, but her Duke garden speech to Travis seemed rather rehearsed and poorly written. (SUSAN: I like the way you kiss. [Places hand on his shoulder and bats eyes shyly]) Im just saying.

People gave me grief last week for declaring Nashville Sarah and Travis chemistry-free, but I stand by that. It's very telling that Travis invited like 20 people along on his date with Sarah. It's called buffering. And there's that little matter of their not having even kissed yet.

Moana's dad? Intimidating. Moana? Basket case. Yet Travis seems the most comfortable with her. Perhaps the doctor in him has a need to heal her wounded soul who knows? My money's on her being in the final two.

Despite this being a pretty entertaining season, has The Bachelor jumped the shark? Already at the hometown dates, we're speeding through the season. The episodes are filled with retrospectives as if anybody needs to see Bachelor Bob again. There are weekly two-hour specials with mini-flashbacks to, uh, last week. And the stunt location of Paris has fallen just the teensiest bit flat. The show is feeling its age. Maybe it's time for the show to give out its final rose, although I'll miss that moment when Chris reminds us that there's only one left. Not. Rhoda Charles

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