For those of you angry over the internal investigation into the Bachelor in Paradise scandal which bore no evidence of wrongdoing — shocker — you'll be happy to know that the show has employed new rules to keep contestants safe.

According to TMZ, before contestants can engage in any sexual activities, they must first consult a producer to ensure both parties consent. If the producer feels like either party is incapable of consenting (much like Corinne Olympios claims she was too inebriated to properly consent to oral sex with DeMario Jackson), the producer can pull the plug and forbid the pair from hooking up.

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After returning to set to resume filming, the cast of Bachelor in Paradise was apparently put through the paces with a two-hour legal meeting outlining the new rules. In addition to the new consent rule, contestants were notified that if they break that rule and don't receive permission from a producer, a producer has the right to barge in on private time in "The Boom Boom Room" to break up any potential nonconsensual sex.

These new rules might just be Warner Brothers covering all its bases, but it sounds like a pretty extreme change up to show's policy on hook ups for an investigation which found no wrongdoing.