Say what you will about The Bachelor's Bob Guiney, but the guy has clocked more lip-locks than Richard Dawson during a Family Feud marathon. And he's got the perfect excuse for all the puckering.

"Truthfully, I'm an affectionate person," insists the man of the hour. "And my thought is, if any of us have dated 10 people in the course of our lives, odds are that we've kissed them... I just had to do mine in six to eight weeks!"

Makes more sense than letting Meredith slip away, but hey. This is a guy who gave the kiss-off to a parade of hot properties over the course of ABC's dating game (Antoinette, hubba, hubba). And now that he's down to only two fair ladies — the knockout Estella and feisty hometown girl Kelly Jo — our unlikely Michigan heartthrob sees his ultimate choice as a win-win situation.

"I think, with a lot of [the women from the show], you couldn't go wrong," he admits diplomatically, adding that his own mom gave both Estella and Kelly Jo her stamp of approval. "Upon meeting them, [she] thought they were both really amazing women."

Which may explain why Guiney is looking forward to this week's finale (airing Wednesday at 9 pm/ET). Not only will the conclusion put a sock in those apocalyptic ABC ads for "the most dramatic Rose Ceremony ever," it means he can finally go public with his pick. "I think with a situation like this, the real work begins when the cameras are off. Once the show's done airing, I can actually be with this person, and it should be really nice."

Of course, he's not saying who "this person" is, though it sounds like fairy tales did come true for the divorced romantic. "Honestly, there is a really happy ending," he says. "It's a really beautiful, honest, exciting and happy ending."