Avengers: Age of Ultron Avengers: Age of Ultron

The first official trailer for The Avengers 2 has arrived — but it may provide more questions than answers.

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A two-minute teaser for Joss Whedon's The Avengers: Age of Ultron leaked Wednesday night and features several familiar faces, including Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.), Black Widow (Scarlett Johansson) and Thor (Chris Hemsworth), as well as newbies Quicksilver (Aaron Taylor-Johnson) and Scarlet Witch (Elizabeth Olsen). (Marvel responded to the leak with a wry message on Twitter: "Dammit, Hydra.")

Among the mysteries presented: Why is Captain America's shield broken?

Check out the trailer below to get a first look at the reunited Avengers, as well as James Spader's chilling title villain Ultron:

The Avengers: Age of Ultron will hit theaters on May 1, 2015.