Brigid Brannagh courtesy Lifetime Entertainment Brigid Brannagh courtesy Lifetime Entertainment

She won rave reviews for her feisty portrayal of a cop turned surrogate mom on Army Wives. But Brigid Brannagh isn't content to take a hard-earned break while her critically acclaimed Lifetime show is on hiatus.

"I just got back from New Orleans doing K-Ville," Brannagh told TV Guide at the Los Angeles premiere of the Lifetime Original Movie Matters of Life & Dating.

The actress plays "a gal in a robbery gang" in an upcoming episode, scheduled to air Nov. 12. Cole Hauser, who plays Anthony Anderson's partner Trevor, revisits his less-than-perfect past.

"Cole Hauser had a previous identity," reveals Brannagh. "Basically, myself and the other members of our gang are part of that identity. It's kind of a glimpse at his former life."

So how exactly does being a hardened criminal compare to life on an army base? "She's in fabulous outfits," gushes Brannagh of her K-Ville cameo. " Army Wives doesn't have quite the same budget!" - Reporting by Dana Meltzer Zepeda