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After Ariel Winter was removed from her home amidst abuse allegations, a police report has surfaced that claims the Modern Family star's mother caught her in bed with her 18-year-old boyfriend.

In a police filing obtained by Celebuzz, Crystal Workman, Winter's mother, claims she walked in on her 14-year-old daughter and her boyfriend "engaging in behavior that I feel my daughter is too young mentally and physically to understand" on the night of Sept. 24. "According to [Workman], Ariel and [Name redacted by the website] have been boyfriend/girlfriend for approximately 5 months," reads the police report. "She has attempted to break them up because of their age difference."

Report: Modern Family's Ariel Winter removed from mother's home due to abuse

Workman previously claimed her daughter's relationship was the reason behind the actress' decision to get a judge to grant temporary custody to her older sister Shanelle Workman, 34. Workman also denied the allegations of abuse, both physical and emotional. "It's all untrue, it's all untrue," she told People. "I have my doctor's letter that my daughter's never been abused... I have stylists' letters that she's never been abused."