Donald Trump by Chris Haston/NBC Donald Trump by Chris Haston/NBC
Donald Trump has made it official:

The Apprentice, which ran for six seasons, is over. "It has been such a success and they [NBC] wanted to do another," Trump told TV Guide this morning. "But I just don't have the time. I just can't do another one." While he won't miss firing people never a pleasant experience - Trump says he will miss doing the show because " The Apprentice has been very special." So does this mean Trump has quit television for good? Don't count on it. "Three networks want me to do a certain show that I may do," he says, "We will announce something over the next couple of weeks. And if it happens, it is something that will be very big." - Reporting by Rebecca Paley Which summer show's return are you most looking forward to? Vote in the new poll (bottom right).