The Apprentice: Martha Stewart
The more I watch this show, the more I like it and the more I like

Martha. I'll say it again: I cannot believe this will be its one and only season. Six candidates remain and the teams were equally matched.

Leslie was PM for Matchstick and Dawna ran the Primarius crew. Both teams were to design an installation for the new Buick Lucerne sedan. Leslie felt her team hit it out of the park, but it really was more of a foul ball, and it landed them squarely in Martha's conference room. Primarius, however, got to dine at the Four Seasons with the CEO and chairman of the board of MSLO. Not bad company for a job interview. Back in the conference room, Charles was on fire with many a comment to be tossed around and he almost took control away from Martha. Let's see, to Charles, Matchstick's presentation was so bad that he felt Leslie would have been better off conceding defeat rather than presenting such a bad installation. Of Marcela and her demeanor, Charles cautioned that "sometimes if you're a shrinking violet, you actually disappear." So maybe Marcela ought to sit up straight in her seat. I noticed her slouching, too, but didn't expect Martha to comment on it as well. Martha wrestled control back from Charles and after calling her a loser, delivered a clear message to Leslie: "We just don't need you." And with Leslie out of earshot, Martha added the final blow: "There are plenty of people who need her. It's just not us." That's a pretty harsh dismissal but with Martha's delivery it was also quite amusing. I'm not pleased that Ryan is still around, but his time is coming. I can't wait to see what parting words will flow from Ms. Stewart's lips at his departure.