Ana Ortiz Ana Ortiz

"Naming is hard!" says the about-to-give-birth Ana Ortiz. "We have a short list that keeps fluctuating between five to seven names." caught up with the Ugly Betty star at a Product-n-Press event she hosted on Tuesday in New York.

Rest assured, the 38-year-old actress isn't going the Hollywood baby name route. "We're not going with any of the Apple or Pineapple names," she says. "I really want a Spanish name, but it has to be a Spanish name Americans can say without destroying it. I really like these old-lady names."

The mom-to-be (literally any day now) has been gearing up for her bundle of joy by readying an eco-friendly nursery and enjoying a baby shower thrown in her honor by her Ugly Betty costars.

"It was incredible. It was family and friends. Vanessa [Williams] organized catering for the event and America [Ferrera] helped organize to get all the stuff together with the Hot Moms Club who put the thing up. It was crazy and so much fun."

Ortiz's other big project this summer: returning to production on Betty. "It's like I'm going to leave the hospital and go right to set!" she says. "I think they'll give the Suarez family some time and a little bit of padding and shoot Mode first since they're very cool about [the pregnancy] and have been so supportive."

But even though Ortiz is jumping right back into work, her little girl will not be far behind. "My mom's going to be on set with me ... [the baby] is going to be a set baby for sure. Are you kidding me? America wouldn't let me on set if I didn't have that baby!"