Amy Ryan in The Office by Chris Haston/NBC Photo Amy Ryan in The Office by Chris Haston/NBC Photo
Amy Ryan, who had a small role in The Office's season finale as new HR manager Holly, will be back in the fall. Ryan has signed on for five episodes, perhaps indicating that Michael's unrequited (as well as immediate and inappropriate) love for Holly will not end well, despite his attempts to "take it slow." Prior to appearing on

The Office, Ryan was best known for her dark turn on HBO's The Wire and her Oscar-nominated performance as a drug-addicted mother who loses her child in Gone Baby Gone. As a result, Ryan says she's relieved to be doing a sitcom. "It's a funny thing to enter a show that you're a great fan of - and it's nice to tell lighter stories," she tells Variety. "I love the dark, grittier side of life, but it's nice to take a break from that, put a skirt on and brush your hair." We couldn't be more excited because we think she's special. (Not like Holly thinks Kevin is special, but still.) What do you think about the return of Holly? Are you rooting for a Michael-Holly love connection? - Mickey O'Connor Watch full episodes of The Office in our Online Video Guide