Michelle Babin, <EM>America's Next Top Model</EM> Michelle Babin, America's Next Top Model

We still can't believe that America's Next Top Model eliminated Amanda Babin. Her pictures were pretty good, and gosh darn it, she just wanted it so badly. What were the judges think—   

Wait, what's that you say? Amanda didn't get cut, it was her twin sister, Michelle? Oh. Um... in that case, I still can't believe that America's Next Top Model eliminated Michelle Babin. Her pictures were freakin' awesome — so much so that it shouldn't matter whether she was as desperate as the other girls to win the title. But seriously, folks, now that our double vision has been cured, let's focus on one sibling — Michelle — until we find out how the other fares in tonight's episode (airing at 8 pm/ET, on the CW).

TVGuide.com: Were you surprised that you were eliminated?
Michelle Babin:
Going into panel, I didn't think I was going to be eliminated. But after I shot myself in the foot, I wasn't surprised.

TVGuide.com: You mean by insisting to the judges that you were the weakest model there?
Yeah. If they asked the same question again, I think I'd still be honest but maybe say less. I wouldn't lie, but I'd keep it shorter and sweeter.

TVGuide.com: I can just see next season: They'll get thousands of girls, all of whom suck at modeling but think they're gonna make it 'cause they want it really bad.
I guess [the judges' decision] could potentially send that message, which kinda sucks. But I guess the good thing is that it gives people hope. Although hope can be a bad thing. At least they're giving it a shot, and that's good!

TVGuide.com: You and your sister had a very friendly competition going during the show. How has it been since?
We still joke around. I always say, "Oh, I could have beat you. I just let you win!" If she gives me a hard time about her staying in the competition longer than me, I make sure to remind her that they said I was better. So we kind of have each other beat.

TVGuide.com: Perfect! The judges saved the family! In the end, do you think it was an advantage to have your twin in the competition, or a disadvantage?
A little of both. On one hand, I had the moral support and trust of somebody who was there. The other girls didn't exactly get somebody they could trust, because they were on their own. The only bad part is that maybe I had to worry about two people instead of one. Like, after the audition, I was worried and thinking, "OK, I got called. But now I'm not happy, because Amanda has to get called, too."

TVGuide.com: Any regrets about revealing your sexual confusion on the show?
Not really. I answered honestly. I really didn't care. It wasn't that big a deal to me. I mean, I know it is a big announcement. I don't want people to think I took it lightly and said, "Oh, it's no big deal. It's nothing." It definitely is something, but it doesn't matter to me. It is who I am, and I don't think it should be that big a deal.

TVGuide.com: So did you come to any conclusions in the end?
I'm definitely bi, but I don't like coming to conclusions. I don't like making decisions that much! But I decided it's OK to not know. Eventually I will, and I can take my time.

TVGuide.com: Do you think it was a cheap trick on the part of the producers to have you pose as Ellen DeGeneres and girlfriend Portia de Rossi right after you'd admitted that you might be gay?
No, I thought it was hilarious! I wasn't upset at all. It was like, "Oh, wow, that's ironic." And I think Ellen's awesome, so it was pretty cool. I wasn't unhappy at all. I thought it was kind of funny and one of those things where you're like, "Oh, geez... you guys!"

TVGuide.com: Given your adventurous spirit, were you disappointed that your makeover wasn't more extreme?
No, I liked my makeover! I mean, a Mohawk would have been cool. But I was happy with what I got, because it was easy to manage, and that was my main concern. When I got it cut and dyed, they thought I was complaining about my hair. I loved how it looked, but I'm not the most skilled when it comes to hairstyling. I was more worried about keeping it up and managing it, but what I wound up with was really easy to take care of. The color did actually fade, but I can always get it redyed.

TVGuide.com: Over the course of the season, it was obviously a big deal that you didn't know if you even wanted to be a model. Now that you're all done with it, how do you feel?
It wasn't exactly that I didn't want to be modeling, but more that I didn't know if I wanted that to be my first priority. I think modeling is fun, and I definitely want to pursue it, but I'm not sure to what degree. I was questioning whether I had the same passion as the other girls. I started to feel bad that they all wanted it, and it was all they wanted out of life, [while] I was like, "I can go do other stuff. It's not that big a deal!" So it's not that I didn't want it; it just wasn't my only goal in life. And I guess that's what they want — somebody who wants it so bad, they'll kiss their feet for it.

TVGuide.com: You seemed to get off pretty easy with the girls. Usually, if they find out someone isn't living, breathing and sleeping modeling, they attack!
I didn't care. I think they just noticed that I was open and it didn't matter to me. I didn't say I didn't want it, which is why they weren't too upset. They knew I wanted it, but they also knew it wasn't what I lived and breathed. They knew I was good at it, too, which is why I think they weren't upset about my staying. If I had a bad picture and didn't want it and still stayed, then they might have been upset.

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