America's Next Top Model: Where the Girls Are
Did anyone else get the sense that this was all about Tyra convincing us that the Top Models do eventually model after the show and aren't just doomed to a career of guest shots on UPN shows? No? Never mind. Well, it is nice to see some of my favorites

Brittany, Toccara, Yoanna and Ann looking like they really get campaigns and runway gigs. During her season I don't think I ever wished as much evil on Yaya as I did after her bit about "acting" with Antonio Banderas from her story it sounded like her scene took a whole lot of takes; perhaps it wasn't quite as perfect as her pretentious death scene with Taye Diggs. But oh, how we love to hate Camille even more, especially now that she's invented the useless term "lingerwear." At least Eva seems to have toned down the annoying just a tad, and I love the Mohawk. Also digging Yoanna's bangs. So Shannon's dating an Abercrombie model but she's still a virgin and will be until she gets married. Right. I really wish Mercedes had something more positive to report than catalog work, an indie film and a Sears commercial. Maybe she's too nice for the industry. Finally, we saw Nicole in Paris, quite convincingly posing in all that couture. And all that high fashion made me eager to switch gears and watch the first part of the Project Runway finale.