Timothy Michael Poe Timothy Michael Poe

Stuttering soldier Timothy Michael Poe was eliminated from America's Got Talent Tuesday night.

While Poe originally won over the audience and judges with his inspiring tale of being injured in combat causing his alleged speech impediment, his backstory soon came into question when it was revealed there were no military records of his injury. Additionally, a photograph Poe claimed to be of him overseas was discovered to be of another soldier whom the singer had never even met.

America's Got Talent: Stuttering Soldier's Military Claims Come Under Fire

Viewers were not too excited to see Poe continue on the reality show after his apparent lies were uncovered, and thanks to a lackluster rendition of George Strait's "The Chair," the judges decided to cut him from the competition.Since Tuesday's elimination episode was filmed last month, before Poe's credibility came into question, his elimination was solely based on performance.Were you happy to see Poe get the ax?