American Idol TV Guide Channel's own Kimberly Caldwell got the very first camera shot last night. Woohoo!

This really felt like the most rushed results show ever. But first, Barry Manilow took the stage. I was imagining Simon Cowell's criticism: "Barry, that was a ghastly karaoke performance. Hideous." OK, so I'm not a Fanilow, so sue me. Somehow I think Clay Aiken will sing the exact same song during the final-10 results show on "American Idol 2045." Bobby Bennett made a cameo, hopping on stage for a hug after Barry sang. I wonder if Barry was aware of what Bobby did to his song "Copacabana." This time around Ryan Seacrest announced the final three in a totally different way, and I was completely thrown off when I first saw Kevin, Lisa and Bucky in a row I figured that meant one of them was safe. When Ryan reminded Kellie that she was called "ballsy" by the judges, she asked "what's a ballsy?" Hmm, I think it means "blonde girl pretending to be naive in order to get extra attention," or something like that. Then it was time for some Paula Abdul tears. Clearly she forgot this was the results show. Or that she was on TV. Or that she was sitting upright. I was glad when Lisa was sent back first  she's a solid performer but she just can't seem to find her audience. Surprisingly, it was Kevin who left; I figured he'd have the "granny vote" for another week or so. Ryan pointed out that Idol has transformed Kevin's life. Yeah, I'm sure he's ever-so-thankful that his classmates will forever compare him to a cartoon. As Simon would say, Kevin "took it like a man." His final song was cut off, just like Melissa's was last week. And so ladies and gentleman, Chicken Little laid his final egg.