American Idol, Casey Abrams American Idol, Casey Abrams

Why does American Idol's Casey Abrams think that so many people relate to him? Because he's a slacker

"A lot of people would come up to me and say, 'You remind me of my slacker son that dropped out of college.' That's exactly what I am — I like sleeping on couches, watching TV, eating cereal in the daytime," he tells  "[I'm a] regular dude doing what he wants to do and I hope that inspired people to do this show and try other things.

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Now that the 20-year-old singer has been voted off the singing show, he's ready to go back to his "lazy" ways and catch up on some sleep. Abrams says he'll miss his Idol friends, especially Haley Reinhart, saying he and his fellow competitor are just friends — "really, really close friends."

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