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Ryan Murphy's Latest American Horror Story Tease Is Insane

Seriously, is he being for real?

Tim Surette

American Horror Story creator and all-around mysterious man Ryan Murphy appears to be having a lot of fun teasing us with tidbits about the upcoming seventh season of his horror anthology, and I'm recommending that we all just give up trying to decipher the clues he's dropping on social media. Because the latest one makes no sense at all.

After showing off stills of a Twisty comic book, demented elephants, people with holes and -- many moons ago -- a body of water, Murphy's latest hint about Season 7 stings a bit. It's a photo of a man covered in bees.

Okay. Murphy posted the following image on Instagram, with the caption "AHS last clue before this weeks TITLE reveal. Ideas?"

The latest American Horror Story Season 7 tease is the most disturbing one yet

Yeah I got an idea, Season 7 will be about elephant-sized bees who sail a boat to American on Election Day and poke holes in people. It makes as much sense as anything else out there. Just tell us, Mr. Murphy!

The good news is that we'll finally get a a title this week, at least. But the way things are going, I'm expecting it to be American Horror Story: Purple Monkey Dishwasher.

American Horror Story returns this fall on FX.