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[SPOILER ALERT: The following story contains the results of The Amazing Race 20 season premiere. Read at your own risk.]

There was no missing passport drama on the Season 20 premiere of The Amazing Race, but the final minutes served up what Phil Keoghan calls the "most bizarre Pit Stop we've ever had."

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Fighting for the last spot in the Top 10, sisters Misa and Maiya finished the empanada challenge before buddies Joey "Fitness" and Danny, and seemed on their way to safety at the Pit Stop behind the building. Instead, they ran out, looked around a few times and ran back inside — somehow missing Keoghan, the Pit Stop greeter and the production team who were visibly standing to their right. While they aimlessly searched the grounds, Joey and Danny arrived at the Pit Stop, ensuring the girls' elimination.

"I still cannot believe it happened," Keoghan tells "[CBS Entertainment President] Nina Tassler said to me the other day, 'Phil, the look on your face when you saw that they missed you, it's priceless.' I'm not going to call out, 'Hey, guys! I'm over here!' I'm just standing there going, 'Are you serious? You can't see me?'"

Keoghan estimates that they were about 80 yards apart. "I just thought they were taking their time," he says. "They could see me; I saw them. Everyone else saw me. We're standing there with cameras, the mat's there, the greeter's there. Short of having a flashing light above my head — we were there. Somehow they missed us, they went back into the building, went through the other side, walked all the way around the vineyards, then came back through the other side."

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In the interim, Joey and Danny made no such mistake and checked in. The whole thing transpired in a matter of minutes, Keoghan says. Misa and Maiya followed the guys about a minute later. "They must still be ruing it," Keoghan says. "It's the most bizarre Pit Stop we've ever had. It was crazy. In the past, when teams missed the mat — not this close, obviously — they usually end up safe, but this was too close for them to avoid [elimination]." So where does this shocker rank among Race's biggest moments?"It's definitely a top 10 pivotal moment," Keoghan says. "It's one of those memorable moments, like Charla carrying the meat on her back [in Season 5] or Uchenna and Joyce getting onto the earlier flight [in the Season 7 finale]. In terms of finishes, there's Justin and Zev losing their passport [in Season 15], but outside of Chris and Alex outrunning Wil and Tara [for the $1 million in the Season 2 finale], I can't see how it gets any worse than this."What did you think about the nutty turn of events and the premiere?