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[WARNING: The following story reveals the winners of The Amazing Race All-Stars. Read at your own risk.]

After hitting seven countries and three continents, father and son Dave and Connor, country singers Caroline and Jen, newlyweds and Brendon and Rachel face off in the final leg for the $1 million on The Amazing Race All-Stars.

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The final three jet to Las Vegas — Rachel's hometown — where they have to dig up a box that contains 50 keys in the desert to deliver to David Copperfield at the MGM Grand. Copperfield's great escape challenge is a Roadblock: Racers will be locked inside a wooden crate and must find the one key that will unlock their shackles, and then must find a lock pick from a jar on top of the crate to unlock the crate — all while the crate is suspended and on fire. Their partners will watch from a monitor and, after the lock is picked, will press a button to release the crate. The illusion? The crate drops onto more fire and they have to call the "fire department," aka the racer who was in the crate and somehow escaped (magic!). Connor (for the umpteenth time — there's a new Roadblock distribution rule), Jen and Rachel perform the task and finish in the same order.

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The clue directs them to the Neon Boneyard Museum, where they have to unscrew a light bulb and take it to the Mirage. Brendon and Rachel try to steal the singers' cab, but the cabbie doesn't bite. Caroline and Jen arrive at the Mirage first, where teams have to replace the light bulbs in the letter "I" in the glittering Mirage sign 30-stories high and keep count. Foiled by red lights, Brenchel get there last and waste time searching inside the hotel first. Dave and Connor complete it first, followed by the singers and Brenchel.

Teams have to next head to Maverick Helicopters, where it's a second Roadblock for the other partner to do. While in a chopper, racers have to spot the sign of their landing zone and the finish line — the Las Vegas Motor Speedway — on the strip before being taken there to skydive to their partner and run to the mat.

Dave and Caroline skydive at nearly the same time, but it's Dave who lands first. And he and Connor win the $1 million! It's their fourth consecutive leg win and sixth this season. At 58, Dave is the oldest winner of The Amazing Race, and they're the first parent-child team to ever win.

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"Three years ago, Connor was undergoing chemotherapy right now ... and to be here with him now is amazing," Dave says through tears. (Remember how much he cried last time?)

Caroline and Jen finish second, (even Phil can't believe it), and Brenchel are way behind in third, just like in Season 20. They put their baby-making plans on hold since they didn't win.

"We'll have to wait on the Brenchel baby," Rachel says. "But the adventure we had on this race, we'll eventually tell our Brenchel babies."

What did you think of the finale? Are Dave and Connor deserving winners? Catch up on the season here.

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