Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan Alec Baldwin and Tracy Morgan

Tracy Morgan says his 30 Rock co-star Alec Baldwin helped pull him out of one of the lowest moments in his life.

"When I got my second DUI, Alec was the main one counseling me. He's a passionate dude," Morgan says in the latest issue of New York Magazine.

"I don't give a f--- what nobody say about him, dude been there. 'You got an opportunity on 30 Rock,' he told me. I felt the love when he do that."

Morgan has separated from his wife of 20 years and been arrested twice on DUI charges since 2005. Last year he was also accused of groping a female disc jockey in Miami and telling her he wanted "to impregnate" her. (His character on 30 Rock, Tracy Jordan, often says how much he loves people or inanimate objects by saying he wants to get them pregnant.)

The actor and comedian says he felt estranged from friends and embarrassed for his three children. But now he's in a better place, he says.

"I partied like a rock star, but now I'm chillin' out," he says. "People have a perception of me. They think I'm crazy. Do I seem mental?"

When the magazine writer says he seems depressed, Morgan agrees. "You're right," he says. "I'm a sad clown."

But later in the article he seems to bounce back: "When I met with you before, everything seemed really dark," he tells the writer. "But I got people who care about me, and I'm getting to a place where I got some wisdom. I'm 40!"