Estelle Getty Estelle Getty

The television academy has taken steps to remove Estelle Getty's 1988 Emmy from eBay, where it popped up last week.

"When the Emmy winner wins, they sign a form acknowledging the statue is a loan and [that they] can keep it as long as they desire. But if they part with it, they must give it back to the Academy," ATAS marketing VP Laurel Whitcomb said. "We've taken steps to have it taken off the market and retrieved."

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Getty's trophy, which the late actress earned for supporting comedy actress in The Golden Girls, was put up for sale on the site by a seller who specializes in fine art, according to Variety. The asking price is $15,000 (with free shipping), but as of Tuesday morning, there were no bids.

Getty, who died last year at 84, earned seven nominations for her role as the smart-mouthed Sophia Petrillo, but only won once.