Now that 3-D technology has established itself as a box office moneymaker (see: Avatar and Alice in Wonderland, to name two recent hits that utilized the technology), when will three dimensions come to television?

There are, of course, 3-D HD television sets for sale on the market, but at a price point that is not for every consumer. (Samsung's models, for example, still hover around $3,500, though it has future plans for a plasma 3-D set to retail for less than $1,000.) Nevertheless, the Consumer Electronics Association estimates that more than 2.2 million 3-D HD TVs will be sold within this calendar year, including a big push around Christmastime.

In January, Discovery Communications announced that it was teaming up with Sony and IMAX to launch the first 24/7 dedicated 3-D television network. The network, which is scheduled to debut in January 2011, will feature movies, documentaries and children's programming.

ESPN launched a 3-D channel in June that allowed soccer fans to watch World Cup matches in 3-D. They plan to continue providing the service for such special events as this summer's X-Games.

While the benefits of the technology are evident for sci-fi, sports and other action-packed programming, it's still unclear how the technology might benefit, say, the average episode of Desperate Housewives or Mad Men.

What do you think? Are you itching to buy a 3-D TV? Or is HD enough of a technological leap for you for now?