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Does Kiefer Sutherland know something we don't about the 24 movie?

Even though 20th Century Fox recently passed on a script for the film, Sutherland told Extra he's hopeful that filming for the movie will begin by next December or January.

24 movie in jeopardy after Fox passes on script

A rep for 20th Century Fox would only confirm that the movie is still in development.

Last month, Howard Gordon, the longtime 24 executive producer who is also expected to produce the film,  told Entertainment Weekly that the project was "in suspended animation."

"I was disappointed [Fox] passed on the script but I'm certainly hopeful that the movie will get made at some point," Gordon said. "Anecdotally, I've heard from people who are really missing the show and I do think there is more life in Jack Bauer."

Will 24 end up on the big screen?

Gordon also noted that Sutherland was set to meet with director Tony Scott to discuss other ideas about the project.

The 24 film was first announced last March and was to pick up the story sometime after the events in the Fox drama's series finale. 24 wrapped last May after eight seasons.