You know it's been a busy season on 24 when Jack Bauer interrogates his lady love, gets tasered in front of the entire CTU bullpen

and blows up a natural-gas plant, and you're thinking to yourself, "Gee, not much happened this week." Just one of the many dangers inherent in killing off half the cast, I suppose when the only people we lose during the course of the hour happen to be single-speaking-line-at-most security guards and the like, it's tough to get all riled up. Unless, of course, you count the fact that we're not technically sure whether or not Jack's still alive following that last explosion during his death grip with Bierko. (Oh, who are we kidding? He's fine. Worst-case scenario: He'll be sporting an extra-manly burn scar on his cheek for the rest of the season.) And apparently now that C. Thomas Howell's worked his Chloe Whisperer mojo, the producers think we're all emotionally ready to move on Edgar's replacement is in the hizzy, and she's A) Alma Jr. from Brokeback Mountain and 2) a complete and total whack-job. Hey, that's my favorite kind of replacement! In just four scenes, New Techie Girl goes from resilient sexual-harassment whistle-blower to supertwitchy wannabe fire starter. "Did you see the way his hand brushed across my shoulder as he walked by? That was wrong. He shouldn't have done that." Be careful, fellas of CTU I'm pretty sure she can burn your house down using only her eyes. Elsewhere in the episode, Wayne Palmer and Agent Pierce are still alive (yay!), Audrey's cleared of suspicion in record time (boo!), and President Logan goes an entire hour without uttering something petulant and/or infuriating. Granted, that's probably because he didn't actually have any screen time this week, either but it still counts.