Did Jack finally make a huge miscalculation by agreeing to make himself a hostage? There must have been a better way to get to Marwan. In fact, Tony's idea of capturing Joseph Fayed was a lot less dangerous and totally doable. After all, Jack and Dina were able to walk up to the guy's house and knock on his freaking door! Seems to me CTU would've had a pretty good shot at dragging him in for a light evening of torture and questioning. Looks like that's how Jack will be spending his evening. Meanwhile, who really thought that Dina would shoot Jack? It's times like these you think, "No way they're gonna kill off the star of the show." And, of course, you're right. I was bummed to see Dina go, and in such an awful way (though I'm looking forward to Shohreh Aghdashloo's Emmy nod). At least Chloe's back and in command, working the satellites with furrowed brow and clenched jaw. (Am I weird for thinking there's sexual tension between her and Edgar? Those two need to have a secret makeout session in one of the torture chambers.) And last but not least, poor Audrey. Not only is her husband possibly dying, but her boyfriend leaves for a dangerous mission without saying goodbye. Can't anyone catch a break? — Robin Honig

Hands-down the best ep of the season. Loved the flashbacks and the way Allison became part of a 1960s TV sitcom. (Naturally, "I Married a Mind Reader" would be a medium's favorite show.) In fact, Allison's "time traveling" reminded me a little of Quantum Leap, only she was fixing problems in the present, not the past. Kinda makes me wish they'd do more episodes like this one. It's pretty cool to see the hair, clothes and the homes from that era (producers did a great job re-creating the decade); even the black-and-white filming of the sitcom within the drama was very Bewitched (get it?).

Deliberate in-joke: Anyone catch the nod to Pierce Brosnan? Henry told Dorothy he couldn't do Bond because he was tied down to a TV show &#151 exactly what happened to Mr. Remington Steele. The reason for the shout-out? Medium's creator, Glenn Gordon Caron, used to write for that show. — RH

Fat Actress
Apparently it's Blossom week on TV. On Sunday's Cold Case, Jenna Von Oy, the actress formerly known as Six, starred as a psycho killer. And then tonight, Blossom herself, Mayim Bialik, appeared on Kirstie Alley's doorstep as a sexy, dog-obsessed neighbor. I hooted out loud when she put on the floppy hat and started dancing. But is all this blooming just a weird coincidence? What's next, Joey Lawrence on Lost? Whoa!

I loved Kirstie's cluelessness — from not knowing about the alleged murderer who lives down the block (played brilliantly by a Hefner-ly dressed Kevin Nealon) to the utter denial that her ex-boyfriend is really gay. But sometimes the fat actress seems more like a desperately clingy housegal, especially while chasing after Gwen Stefani. Umm... sweetie, I've seen Mrs. Gavin Rossdale do one-handed push-ups on stage. You've got about as good a chance of running down the super-fit pop star as I do of becoming a "Rich Girl." No doubt. Thankfully, Kirstie's wonderful supporting cast is around to save her from herself, if not to bail her out of jail. I liked the way Vincent popped by trying to scam his way into Kirstie's heated pool, gave her misinformation and then sold the story to Star magazine. That's one precocious preteen. But as always Kevyn (Rachael Harris) has the funniest lines, like when she wouldn't wear her glasses and then said, "What? I can see large objects," nodding in Kirstie's direction. Priceless. If this show could just boost its falling ratings, I'd say that Rachael was having her own Best Week Ever. — Angel Cohn