Turkey Day is approaching and you may be examining your choices for family viewing if you are avoiding the big game.

That can be a tall order when you have a bunch of family members varying in age. You need something the kids can understand but isn't going to bore the adults, and everyone wants to have a good time, right? TVGuide.com has got you covered. Once you've put away the leftovers and cleaned out the rest of the pie, here are a few great streaming picks you can watch with your family and hopefully keep everyone happy.

Animated for kids AND adults

1. Adventure Time (Hulu)

On the surface, Adventure Time seems like another basic child's cartoon, and to be fair the adventures of Finn and his 28-year old dog and their simply drawn, colorful friends are very attractive to the younger kids. But the subversive humor and jokes give adults plenty to laugh about too. It's borderline Ren & Stimpy in regards to funneling adult material in a children's show package, but a bit more covert so your kids won't be asking you awkward questions every episode.

2. Young Justice (Netflix)

Superhero addicts, over here! If you're all caught up on the CW superheroes, then check out Young Justice with the kids. It's a great introduction to the Justice League and is enjoyable for nerds of all sizes. It'll also be good to catch up before the show returns for its newly confirmed Season 3!

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3. Rugrats (Hulu)

Take a throwback to your own childhood with these adventurous babies that are trying to take on the world from just outside their play pen. Your kids will have as a great a time watching it as you did, and you can have a great time revisiting your old favorite episodes. (In the same vein, Hey Arnold and Doug are also available).

4. Girl Meets World (Netflix)

Remember how epic Cory and Topanga's love story was on Boy Meets World? Well, you can revisit them with the Disney Channel's progressive spin-off Girl Meets World, centered on Cory and Topanga's teenage daughter Riley (Rowan Blanchard). The show not only has the charm of the original, but is tackling issues that are relevant to young people in 2016.

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5. Fuller House (Netflix)

Check back in with the Tanner family with Netflix's reboot of the classic 90s sitcom. DJ (Candace Cameron Bure) now centers the show as she moves into her old family home with Stephanie (Jodie Sweetin) and Kimmy Gibbler (Andrea Garber) to raise their children. Once you get past the rocky pilot, Fuller House is full of the Tanner family cheesiness you used to love and will introduce you to some new family favorite characters.

6. Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life (Netflix)

Lorelei (Lauren Graham) and Rory (Alexis Bledel) return to our lives on Nov. 25, just the day after Thanksgiving for four 90-minute installments to make us fall in love with coffee, quick banter and the quirky small town of Stars Hollow. Gilmore Girls has a little something for everyone and is the perfect holiday binge after you've eaten all those Thanksgiving goodies.

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Classics to revisit

7. Friends (Netflix)

There may not be any show that nailed the Thanksgiving special like Friends. All 10 seasons are available on Netflix for you to return to Monica's (Courteney Cox) famous turkey dance, or Rachel's (Jennifer Aniston) disgusting English trifle. Everyone has a favorite moment and everyone can get a laugh out of this sitcom classic.

8. Cheers (Hulu)

Wouldn't it be nice to spend Thanksgiving in a place where everyone knows your name? Hang out with Sam (Ted Danson) and friends, pour out a beer (or a cider for the younger folks), and have a happy Thanksgiving with people who made a family out of their favorite people at the local bar.

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New fall TV to catch up on

9. Speechless (Hulu)

Speechless is one of the highest-rated new fall shows according to our sister site Metacritic and is a great, biting comedy to enjoy with your family. The DiMeo's are lovingly dysfunctional and the show comes with a great message about inclusion without being unbearably preachy about it.

10. This Is Us (This Is Us)

If you haven't caught up on NBC's tearjerking new drama, then this holiday might be the best time. The show is emotionally gripping but also balances humor and light to make it an enjoyable watch for the entire family. There have only been 8 episodes to air so far so it won't be hard to catch up!

11. The Good Place (Hulu)

If you've got some older kids, than The Good Place is definitely the comedy for the family to check out after dinner. They can handle the high-concept of a heaven-like place and the moral questions what it takes to make it into The Good Place. Since no one can curse in this fictional Heaven though, it's really clean and great fun from the guy who brought us The Office and Parks and Recreation.

What are you and your family planning to watch over the holiday?