Former Cheers star Woody Harrelson has found a new hangout where everybody's going to know his name: The set of NBC's Will &#038 Grace. A Peacock spokesperson confirms that the Emmy winner — whose May sweeps stint as Grace's obnoxious new beau kicks off tomorrow night — will return to the show in the fall. "He'll be back," the rep tells TV Guide Online. "But I don't know for how many episodes yet."

At Sunday's American Comedy Awards, news of Harrelson's extended stay was first hinted at by W&#038G co-star Megan Mullally. "I think he's coming back next season, because he somehow seems perfect for Grace (Debra Messing)," Mullally told reporters after winning best supporting actress kudos (the ACAs air tonight at 8 pm/ET on Comedy Central). "He has a great opposites-attract relationship going with Grace.

Harrelson's character — a new tenant in Will and Grace's Big Apple apartment building — is described by NBC as a "slovenly lout whose disheveled lifestyle and grungy habits put him at odds with [Grace's] well-ordered world." As a result, sparks fly from the get-go. "They meet and Grace thinks he's really offensive," Mullally previews, "and then they fall madly in love."

Grace isn't the only one taking a liking to Harrelson — who received a Best Actor Oscar nomination for his role in 1996's The People vs. Larry Flynt. "He's such a doll," Mullally gushes, "really easy going and super-friendly."