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Turk 182! Reviews

TURK 182! is a ridiculous and totally insipid film. Terry Lynch (Robert Urich) is a New York City fireman who's injured while rescuing a little girl from a burning building. Because he was off-duty and drunk at the time of the accident, he is declared ineligible for any pension money. His younger brother, Jimmy (Timothy Hutton), desperately tries to get some aid but to no avail. Using his brother's nickname "Turk" and his badge number 182, Jimmy adopts the title moniker and begins making his presence known throughout the city. The mayor (Robert Culp), who is trying to fight a potentially damaging scandal while running for reelection, is soon the victim of Jimmy's one-man graffiti war. TURK 182! is a film that never would have existed if anyone had considered the script in logical terms. It only rings true in the relationship between Urich and Hutton, while the majority of the plot revels in complete nonsense. The movie overflows with examples on how not to develop a screenplay. Empty-headed and insulting to any thinking audience, TURK 182! is self-important and forgettable fluff.