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The Man in Half Moon Street Reviews

A skillfully scripted and atypically intelligent B movie which blends horror and unconditional love in believable unity. Asther is an artist and scientist who falls in love with Walker after painting her portrait. He fails to tell her, however, that he is actually well into his later years and is staying young by unnatural scientific methods. It turns out that, with the collaboration of endocrinologist Schunzel, Asther has been receiving gland transplants every decade. Schunzel accuses Asther of disregarding his original humanitarian intentions in favor of ruthless killing, and refuses to perform any more operations. Asther resorts to enlisting the aid of another doctor, but after the murder of a med student Scotland Yard starts to snoop. Walker, who has not failed to show her love for Asther, professes that she "shares his madness because there's grandeur in it." An example of true love if there ever was one. Asther, by the picture's finale, rapidly begins to age at a train station and dies a gray-haired old man. Well-handled on all fronts, this ageless film was remade in 1959 by Hammer Films as THE MAN WHO COULD CHEAT DEATH.