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South Sea Woman Reviews

A silly but likeable WW II comedy which opens as a young Marine, Lancaster, faces a court martial. Through testimony we learn the strange series of events that have catapulted Lancaster into his predicament. Two weeks before the Japanese bombing of Pearl Harbor, Lancaster went AWOL in an effort to stop his buddy Connors from marrying Mayo, a girl who works in a nightclub. Lancaster managed to snatch Connors away from the altar in time, and the two GIs tried to catch up to their unit with Mayo in tow. The trio wind up on a remote South Sea island and are forced to pose as deserters to avoid capture by the Vichy Frenchman, Askin, who rules the territory. While Lancaster tries to dream up a plan so they can rejoin their unit, Connors remains determined to marry Mayo. Unfortunately for Connors and Mayo, Lancaster doesn't give the lovebirds a chance, because he soon begins wreaking havoc on the island. Lancaster frees some French prisoners, steals a yacht from a German agent, grabs the romantic duo, and sets sail. On the high seas they manage to engage a Japanese destroyer and sink it, thus ruining an important enemy invasion. During the battle Connors is killed, leaving only Lancaster and Mayo to be rescued by the Allied forces. After hearing the testimony and examining the evidence, Lancaster is cleared, leaving him and Mayo to begin a romance. SOUTH SEA WOMAN is a fast-paced adventure comedy that exploits Lancaster's athletic derring-do as well as his ability to handle romance and light comedy.