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Six Black Horses Reviews

Completely routine Murphy outing features the western hero as a man wrongly accused of horse thievery. He is saved from hanging by Duryea, and O'Brien hires them to escort her through hostile Indian territory so she can reunite with her husband. The party is attacked and hides out in an abandoned mission ruin. O'Brien is about to shoot Duryea in the back when she is hit by a spear. She confesses to Murphy that Duryea murdered her husband and she was about to have her revenge. Duryea wants some of her money being held in a bank. He punches Murphy and rides off with the wounded woman. Murphy catches up and kills Duryea in a showdown, and he ends up with O'Brien. The script is not much more than a compendium of 1950s western cliches, though the direction does give the production some life. The photography is the real attraction, with some gorgeous shots of the southern Utah locations. The players are adequate. Watch for former serial cowpokes Steele and Barcroft in lesser roles.