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Sabrina Reviews

Not, as some reviewers claimed, a mediocre reworking of a Hollywood classic, but a truly lousy reworking of a Billy Wilder misfire. The overrated 1954 SABRINA is leaden where it needs to be lighter than air, but it plausibly pairs a grizzled Humphrey Bogart with nubile Audrey Hepburn. Hence the remake, an otherwise pointless excuse for 53-year-old Harrison Ford to romance Julia Ormond without looking like a dirty old man. Ford plays Linus Larrabee, a millionaire workaholic who hasn't found time for love; Ormond is the title character, a working-class gamine who's infatuated with Larrabee's irresponsible younger brother (snide cable personality Greg Kinnear, in his movie debut). The story is drearily predictable, the leads are charmless -- Ormond's 15 minutes are probably already behind her -- and the direction, by the usually reliable Sidney Pollack, is strictly by the numbers.