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Over the Top Reviews

Arm wrestling, truck driving, weird weight lifting, and tear jerking are the stuff of this predictable Sylvester Stallone vehicle in which he plays Lincoln Hawk, a trucker-cum-wrist twister whose son, Michael (David Mendenhall), has been kept from him by his devious, wealthy father-in-law (Robert Loggia). With his estranged wife (Susan Blakely) on her deathbed, Hawk travels the highways with his son, doing everything in his power to keep the father-in-law and his goons from taking Michael from him. After several violent, action-packed confrontations, Michael is on hand when Hawk, sweating and grunting, goes for the gusto at the arm-wrestling championship in Las Vegas, where he must best a bald-headed behemoth (Rick Zumwalt) to make his fortune.