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Operation Delta Force 3: Clear Target Reviews

Fists of fury fly, bombs explode, and the action still peters out. You'd do better to watch another direct-to-vid called COUNTER MEASURES, a more skillful look at submarine snatching. But fans of Naval adventure won't care about this scenario's familiarity, as they get to play sailor boy and combat international sabotage for Mom and the American Way. Deep in Colombia, drug kingpin Salvatore (Danny Keogh) tires of US agents raiding his storehouses. So he escalates the War on Drugs by hiring renegade hacker Thane (Brendan Pollecutt) to implement a scheme that involves the hijacking of a nuclear sub, the USS Roosevelt. Salvatore threatens to arm the sub's conventional warheads with mustard gas and aim them at major US cities. In exchange for not using them, Salvatore demands the annihilation of the pesky SSIX satellite that enables Uncle Sam to spy on his illicit operations. The elite Delta Force squad joins forces with the satellite's creator, Ariana Decker (Darcy La Pier, the former Mrs. Jean-Claude Van Damme), to reclaim the sub. Gaining insight into Salvatore's master plan after nabbing Thane, Decker and the Delta quintet sneak aboard the USS Roosevelt. Can Decker disarm the weapons (particularly the one aimed at a U.N. drug confab) before the audience nods off as a result of exposure to excessive techno-babble? On the land, on the sea, in the air...these action pictures are ground out like Mrs. Lovett's meat pies, and even by the debased standards of escapist meals go, this one is tough to swallow. Though the Delta men are attractive (in a Soldier of Fortune centerfold way), they have the personalities of G.I. Joe dolls. For weekend warriors, the flick delivers sufficient cheap thrills and monosyllabic menace.