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Nothing but Trouble Reviews

Trashy, stupeyingly unfunny comedy written and directed by SNL veteran Dan Aykroyd. Chris Thorne (Chevy Chase), a smug financial publications tycoon, offers to drive lawyer Diane Lightston (Demi Moore) to Atlantic City. On the way, they're caught in the speedtrap town of Valkenvania, a virtual police state administered by an ancient, bloodthirsty Justice of the Peace (Dan Aykroyd). In Valkenvania, it develops, the penalty for speeding is death. For his feature directorial debut, Akyroyd pulls out all the stops of outrage--NOTHING BUT TROUBLE being nothing but a compendium of bad moments from bad comedies. Akyroyd's film has a relentless imbecility that allows it to stand with films such as BELA LUGOSI MEETS A BROOKLYN GORILLA, JOHN GOLDFARB PLEASE COME HOME and WHICH WAY TO THE FRONT as one of the worst attempts at comedy ever filmed. Unfortunately, the film stands on its own in its labored and distastefully macabre bleakness.